Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maternal Health Support Programme

Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5  is the most lacking among the 8 MDGs in Cameroon like the entire sub-Saharan Africa. 

 141/1000 girls aged 15-19 have conceived babies though only 4% of the pregnant adolescents (married or not) desired a pregnancy. (Unicef 2009). 
Generally, unintended pregnancies in Cameroon stand at 22.7% with only 37% of family planning demands satisfied (Countdown 2015). Maternal death is as high as 490/100000 live births. 
Young women in Bamenda advocate for the use of female condom

Most of the teenage mother have prematurely ended their beautiful dreams of becoming lawyers, doctors, teacher, etc and resolved to hand-to-mouth activities just to survive self and baby. In the struggle, some of these teenage mothers get pregnant again. This exposes the mother and child to possible death. 1 in every 34 women dies in child birth nationally. Infant mortality has returned to 136/1000 live births as it were in 1990.
To empower this community of women and girls, access to family planning services and child daycare assistance is needed.
  • Our Intervention.
The Maternal Health Programme operates two projects: The Bouncing Babied Daycare Project and the Family Planning for All Project.

The Bouncing Babies Daycare Project provides a child daycare facility where mothers (especially adolescent mothers) can keep their babies and pursue their dreams. Our caring staff provides childcare that promotes healthy infant and early child development. We also give career guidance to the school drop-out adolescent mothers to ensure they are reconnected to their dreams.

The Family planning for all Project offers family planning counseling and referral for subsidized modern contraception in one of our partner clinics in Bamenda.  

  • beneficiaries' kids enjoy life with their nanny at daycare

    A general assembly of beneficiaries held at the CASD office in Bamenda, Dec 2011