Monday, March 8, 2010

About me

On May 5th 1984, a son was born to the Munteh’s family called Numfor (Kings man) Alenwi (God's blood). This prophetic name predestined me to the path  of kings as i grew up. I've never know a world without HIV, hurrible climate, gender inbalance and hunger. For many years, a balance diet was seen as luxury and the anxiety of a future misery was my closest feeling.

As i king to be,  I had to fight through all these to reach the crown.  My 28 years on earth are defined by the effort to change something about these challenges: HIV, Gender, poverty  and climate.


  1. 'anybody can catch HIV but everyone can prevent it'

    That's a very moving statement. Hopefully a vaccine can be available as soon as possible, but the problem is discrimination of minorities, and how far back we are from truly respecting and loving each other as human beings. Even if a vaccine was present, this problem will still exist =(

  2. Numfor! You are a great writer! I really liked what you said about seeing people living with HIV as partners... as someone living with HIV, this has often been the focus of my work.

    Looking forward to get to know your work in Cameroon during the e-course! Best, Alex :)

  3. Thanks for the comments Anthony and Alex. Your names sound almost like mind 'Alenwi. hahahah. catch you in the days ahead

  4. Very poetic, Numfor! I agree with Anthony's assessment of the statement "anybody can catch HIV but everyone can prevent it"! Sounds like the beginning of a awareness campaign!

  5. Great! I am very inspired by your poetry and commitment towards the fight against HIV...keep it up

  6. i like your post!! really inspiring!
    let us all join together as young people and educate our generation more about HIV and Reproductive health!

  7. Waw, you have a noticeable way of writing... I am so excited to read more of your essays.
    I am so inspired by your personal experience when loosing closed people for HIV and how you turned it into an active work to help in the efforts of preventing HIV infection and supporting people living with HIV in your country.
    Wish you all the best,
    and hope that this e-course will equip you with more tools to develop your great work in this field :)

  8. Thank you all for the appreciation of my work. Lana, everyone childhood can create a difference if we all believe that, that which hurts instructs.

    I love you all