Saturday, April 17, 2010

Advocacy Plan: Goals and Objectives

My advocacy goal is to mainstream openness about HIV and sex as part of the International Youth Day in Cameroon. This will be achieved through community mobilization to stand against cultural norms and religious beliefs that stigmatize YPLWHIV.


Mobilize young people to match and sensitize the community to drop the cultural and religious beliefs that stigmatize YPLWHIV in Bamenda Cameroon.

Produce strategic messages that can change the communities' perception about being HIV positive and make everyone free and open about HIV.

Encourage the public to recognize the plight young Cameroonians in the face of HIV and show solidarity towards the YPLWHIV.

Promote the sexual and reproductive rights of YPLWHIV as a measure to increase VCT and reduce self stigma for YPLWHIV.


  1. Please, comment on my objectives

  2. Numfor! The goal and objectives are very clear and look great! I am excited to hear you elaborate on how you carry out the mobilization, what the specific actions are and when you take the actions.

    Besides, have you considered all the obstacles that you may encounter? The SWOT analysis might be helpful....

    There are definitely still a lot that you will show us about the plan in the future, and keep working on it, coz I am really eager to read your plan!

  3. Interesting objectives and very ambitious ones as well. I would suggest that you consider the costs of such a plan. Either way, I'm looking forward to hear more about your plan. Nice work.

  4. Great objectives Numfor, they touches on both access to medication and psychosocial support for YPLWHA through Support Groups. These groups are important in providing supportive environment to PLWHA. But you should bear in mind that Support Groups need continued support and guidance to be effective and also to avoid a natural death of the groups as being experienced in a number of communities.

    I have the same feeling as Ahmad, your objectives seem too broad which may be difficult to implement and the costs may be unbearable.Of course, the fight for HIV and AIDS needs a comprehensive programming but for your advocacy plan you can be more specific so that the outcomes of the project can be more measurable.For example, you can advocacy for access to treatment, care and support for YPLWHA through Support Groups.

    Numfor keep up the good work. I think all the guys agree with me that you have been so inspiring. Thanks

  5. Thank you all for the comments. I have scaled down the objectives. Let me here what you think now!
    One love.

  6. Numfor, this is very straightforward and realistic. Focusing advocacy around a particular day is a very focused way to get visibility, support and mobilize around your issue. Your objectives are very well done!! Congrats and good work. Can't wait for the next stages of your plan!